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News from Dina

March 9, 2023

blinx, a new digital storytelling hub in Dubai chose Dina

blinx was announced this week as the first digital native storytelling hub in the Middle East and North Africa
February 5, 2023

Story-centric - what does it actually mean?

Is story-centric just another buzzword? Or is it smart to organize the newsroom workflow around the story, rather than...
January 30, 2023

The rundown is in your browser now

- I’ve never seen a rundown in a browser before! The head of news at a major American TV-operation was truly in awe. He...
January 13, 2023

TV2 East in the cloud with Dina

We are proud to announce that its product Dina has been selected by TV2 East in Denmark as their newsroom computer...
November 15, 2022

The Dina Mobile app has been released

The new Dina Mobile app allows users to work with stories and instances from their handheld devices.
September 11, 2022

Dina Rundown wins Best of Show award at IBC 2022

Dina Rundown wins Best of Show award at the IBC 2022
August 31, 2022

Move your old NRCS to native cloud with the new Dina Rundown

Press release: Take a step towards the cloud with Dina Rundown, launching at this year's IBC
August 16, 2022

Story-centric cloud newsroom with Dina at IBC 2022

Press release: Transforming newsrooms to story-centric cloud with Dina
July 21, 2022

Story-centric newsroom with Dina at TVNZ

TVNZ's strategy to go story-centric and what this meant for their organisation and audience Case study video by...