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  • July 7, 2023
  • 2 mins read

Book a demo of Dina for IBC2023

Dina at IBC2023

Dina, the number one digital-first newsroom, is preparing for IBC2023

Dina is back at IBC in hall 7. See us on stand 7.D06 (click to open the map), where we co-exhibit with Mimir.   

Dina is a digital-first story-centric newsroom system with an industry-leading web-based linear rundown system. We are disrupting incumbent newsroom systems by offering a solution built for collaboration between all editorial departments with out-of-the-box workflows to support planning and publishing to all platforms. 

News planning made easier.
Earlier this year, the Dina team previewed the new Spaces concept in Dina. Spaces simplify the complicated process of news planning that often involves multiple third-party software solutions, each with its workflows and processes. Spaces provide a single platform for all your planning needs. 

The modern journalist uses mobile, AI, and collaboration features.
Accessing the newsroom from anywhere should be a given. Dina runs in a browser, and journalists, producers, and directors can access the full-fledged newsroom solution from the newsroom and on the move. Our demonstration at IBC will include, amongst others: 

  • NEW order management features.
  • NEW planning features. 
  • A powerful rundown system with features like previewing video and graphics assets directly from the rundown and the option of editing graphics.
  • The story-centric approach allows the entire newsroom to function as one team on any given story, eliminating flawed workflows where journalistic resources from TV and digital are operating side by side but not collaborating.
  • Publishing to any platform; linear TV, OTT, radio, web, and social media.
  • Newsroom chat functions
  • Dina Mobile for creating stories, editing, adding photos and videos and publishing from anywhere.

Get your FREE IBC ticket by using our VIP code IBC11181. Go to the IBC website here to register.


Book a demo or meeting with our team at IBC

Please access our booking calendar for the IBC Show here (the calendar opens in a new tab): 

Book Dina IBC demo


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