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Our support team is ready to help you should you need any assistance. For inquires, please fill out this form and we will get right back to you.

Give us a call

For us to provide you with better assistance, please fill out our form first with detailed information on the issue. A support ticket ID will be sent to you via email and with this number our phone operators can quickly address your case.

Phone support - Available 24/7

Australia: +61 2 9188 1680 (Sydney landline)
USA: +1 (888) 629-4909 (Toll-free)
UK: +44 20 8089 0710 (London landline)


We are part of Fonn Group

Dina is part of technology group Fonn Group, with offices in Bergen, Norway, New York, Singapore, and Munich. For more information about our group go to the Fonn Group website. 


Priority check

P1 - Urgent:
  • System Failure
  • On-Air Disruptions
  • Issues that stop the systems’ ability to broadcast or affect customers’ daily operations with no temporary workaround available
P2 - High:
  • On-Air Disruptions
  • Issues that affect systems’ ability to broadcast or customers’ daily operations, but has a temporary workaround
P3 - Normal:
  • Configuration issue
  • Feature Request
  • Password Reset
  • Unwanted Response
  • Issues that impact important features not working as intended but won’t stop daily operations of the customer. Temporary workaround available.
P4 - Low
  • General Queries
  • User End minor issue
  • Customers’ inquiries about the systems, and minor issues which have little impact on the services