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What’s going on? So, you run a news operation and wonder what your newsroom is up to? Easy! Search for your team or department in StoryHub, save it as a bookmark, and you’ll never have to wonder again. 👇



A little more action: We all love Slack, but it quickly gets chaotic. With the deadline looming, you need to communicate fast and precise. That’s why we’ve added a unique chat to every single story in Dina. Just click the Story Chat icon and jump straight into the conversation. 👇



Feed me! Of course, you know about the feeds in Dina. But did you know about the feed ticker? Click the feeds icon on the bottom left and then move over to the three dots on the bottom right to choose your favorite wire as a ticker. Boom! 👇



A wonderful view: You might enjoy the stroll across the newsroom to the cutting rooms to check out the fine art of craft editing. But when time is in short supply, the option of previewing packages straight from the rundown might be just the thing for you. Click the Assets button, and magic happens - even in full-screen mode. 👇


Let there be light: A dark-themed interface is what we prefer here at Dina because why light up a control room that is kept dim for a reason? But some like the light theme, and of course, you can choose. It’s easy, just watch this 17-second video, and you can pretend to be God. 👇