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  • January 13, 2023
  • 1 min read

TV2 East in the cloud with Dina

TV2 East banner image with logo

We are proud to announce that its product Dina has been selected by TV2 East in Denmark as their newsroom computer system.

TV2 East will be the third of the regional Danish TV2 media houses choosing Dina. TV2 Fyn and TV South have been in production since 2020 and 2021. 

Says CTO Kasper Thor Larsen at TV2 East: 

We are excited about the product as well as Dina the company. Dina will be a game changer in our production. TV2 East will go all in not only by moving our NRCS to the cloud but also by applying the story-centric workflow which Dina enables. Our staff is truly excited to be working with Dina as its new publishing tool for all our platforms.


Dina is a cloud-native rundown and planning tool, making the newsroom able to collaborate around a single story and publish to multiple platforms; broadcast, web and social media. 

Dina represents a new breed of software solutions built from scratch with modern web technology and replaces old broadcast newsroom computer systems like iNews, ENPS and Octopus.

Dina is part of the Norwegian company Fonn Group.


Would you like to see how Dina works and book a demonstration? 

Learn more 

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