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- I’ve never seen a rundown in a browser before!

The head of news at a major American TV-operation was truly in awe. He had never heard of, let alone seen a rundown operate from his internet browser. Now he was looking at it.

What blew him away was Dina Rundown, a Norwegian-developed rundown and planning-tool. Dina is a true cloud-native software built from the ground up on the latest web technology, eliminating the need for on-prem hardware. Moreover, Dina is story-centric, meaning it organizes the workflow around the story rather than what platform content is published to. This enables the newsroom to collaborate on the same assignment across different departments. Significantly it merges the broadcast and digital side of the newsroom, a classic pain point for news operations.  

Key Dina features solves several problems for publishers:

  • Legacy computer newsroom systems approaching end of life can be replaced without the demand for on-prem hardware.
  • Dina being Software-as-a-Service requires no installation. Dina runs in a browser or from the mobile app.
  • Dina fixes flawed workflows where the broadcast and digital part of the newsroom is working detached from each other. The story-centric approach enables sharing of research and raw material as well as finished crafted TV or online stories. 
  • From Dina one can publish to any platform; broadcast, web and social media.


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