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  • July 9, 2020
  • 5 mins read

The ausbiz casestudy: Live with Dina and integrated solutions

The ausbiz casestudy: Live with DiNA and integrated solutions

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Australian OTT provider of live and on-demand financial news

Casestudy from ausbizNew Australian online channel ausbiz successfully launched in early 2020 as a continuous live service dedicated to business and financial news. 

When building the new channel, ausbiz looked for solutions that would not tie them to heavy infrastructure and installations.

They chose Sydney-based Stem Media as a solutions provider for their entire news production workflows. Stem Media is a content creator and technology partner of 7Mountains and Mjoll, which deliver cloud-based solutions for journalists and editors. 

Get access to the ausbiz case study webinar recording
 On Aug 26, 2020, our partner Stem Media presented the ausbiz project, the customer brief and the technical solutions and integrations installed at ausbiz. The presentation included an introduction and live demonstration of Dina by 7Mountains and Mimir by Mjoll.  

We offer our customers, prospects and partners the chance to see the recording of this webinar.

See a short clip from the webinar in the video below. Please register from this page to get access to the webinar recording.

“Working with the ausbiz team from the very beginning of the design process and through to the launch of a brand new channel has been a true pleasure. ausbiz constructed two brand new studios in record time and successfully launched a dedicated streamed business channel, built with cutting edge technology and workflows”, says Stem Media Director Emily Dawson. 




The technical brief
 CEO of ausbiz, Kylie Merritt: 

“When presented with the opportunity to build a newsroom from scratch, we wanted to find intuitive, scalable platforms which would allow our journalists to focus on content, not systems”

(From the project announcement. Read the full article here )


The ausbiz team were looking for a setup with 
  1. As little on-premise architecture as possible
  2. A preference for cloud-based SaaS solutions to support cash flow and allow the architecture to be as flexible and scalable as possible.
  3. Contribution, storage, story creation, clipping and distribution in the cloud with as much automation of tasks as possible
  4. Editorial staff only;  no engineering staff
The solution - Workflow overview with DiNA and Mimir at the centre of the production  

At the centre of the news and video production workflows at ausbiz sits the cloud-based newsroom system Dina by 7Mountains and media management system Mimir by Mjoll. 

Story creation, planning and collaboration with DiNA
DiNA is the core storytelling and newsroom system at ausbiz. It is accessed via a web browser and is used by the ausbiz team to plan, create and publish linear news stories. DiNA has a rundown module and integrates with the graphics system, media management system, video editing system and studio automation system in the ausbiz workflow. 


In the ausbiz workflow, DiNA integrates with:
  • Mimir by Mjoll for finding and adding videos and images to stories that are built for online, social media channels or in a rundown. 
  • Viz Pilot Edge by Vizrt for adding graphics to stories in their rundowns.
  • Viz Mosart by Vizrt for playout automation. 
Cloud media management with Mimir

Mimir is the core video production and video management system at ausbiz. It is used for ingesting videos and images to cloud storage, to find media files from archives, for advanced search, and as a subtitling tool, amongst other things. 

The ausbiz team automates their metadata logging using the integrated AI services in Mimir, such as speech-to-text transcription, multi-language translation, object detection, and more.  Mimir is hosted inside Adobe Premiere Pro for the ausbiz craft editors and becomes the source monitor. This gives craft editors full access to all Mimir features for managing their videos, advanced search, for proxy workflows and more. 

About Dina

Dina is a story-creation, planning and collaboration tool for journalists. It is a complete cloud-based newsroom system allowing users to work from anywhere with an online connection. With DiNA as the centrepiece of the newsroom, organisations avoid the costs associated with the maintenance of on-premise equipment with all functions running in the cloud. DiNA has a rundown module for linear productions, which is intuitive and easy to use. It can be integrated with graphics systems, automation systems, and more.

About Mimir 

Mimir is a browser-based media management solution. It’s a tool for journalists and video editors, or anyone working with video, for automating boring and time-consuming tasks, such as video and image metadata logging, speech-to-text transcription, and multi-language translation, amongst other things.

Find the assets you need in a fast and secure way and create better stories. Mimir harnesses the power of market-leading cognitive services from Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google, IBM, Microsoft and other providers.


In the ausbiz workflow, Mimir integrates with: 
  • DiNA by 7Mountains for the search and for adding media to stories. 
  • Adobe Premiere Pro for craft editing. 
  • Vimond IO by Vimond for importing videos that have been edited /clipped. 
  • Multiple AI services from Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, IBM Watson, Speechmatics and others for automatic metadata logging, transcription, translations, facial recognition, location data and labels.
Craft editing workflow with Adobe Premiere Pro and Mimir

For the craft editing workflow, ausbiz uses Mimir hosted within Adobe Premiere Pro. From the Mimir panel in Premiere, editors have access to all Mimir functionality for managing videos and images and for searching in transcripts for persons, objects and events that have all automatically been logged by the AI services. 

Editors can choose to work with proxy files or high-resolution material. With a proxy, the workflow files are 1-2% of the original size and by combining this with a central conform workflow, ausbiz has the ability to avoid expensive download costs with an efficient workflow for their editing.


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