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  • July 21, 2022
  • 2 mins read

Story-centric newsroom with Dina at TVNZ

Control room at TVNZ

TVNZ's strategy to go story-centric and what this meant for their organisation and audience

Case study video by 7Mountains' partner and reseller Stem Media


Audiences are migrating to the Internet, and with being a major broadcaster delivering news, sports and entertainment across traditional linear channels and to digital platforms, TVNZ took a closer look at what that meant for them and for their strategy ahead. 



"We made a decision a long time ago to look at what audiences were doing, across the business, not just in news. What we are aware of is that audiences are migrating to the Internet, that's just the fact and we're a broadcaster. So what did that mean for us? So the piece around story-centric strategy was actually part of a more holistic piece of strategy, which was what is our future? How do we view ourselves over the 5 to 7-year period?"

Chief Product and Information Officer TVNZ, Kym Niblock. 



"It's really successful for the news teams to work in a silo-based format for that show, but not for the wider business. We're trying really hard to expand our output into our digital platforms. The only way we could do that was by enabling them to see what the other teams are doing." 

GM Story Production and Operations TVNZ, Andrew Fernie.




Dina in the TVNZ newsroom:



Watch the video case from TVNZ, filmed at their headquarters in Auckland, New Zealand.

In addition to Kym Niblock and Andrew Fernie, the video features TVNZ's GM Technology and CTO, Jean-Lois Açafrão, GM Enterprise Operation, Lindsay Chalmers, and Senior Journalist One News, Baker Wilson.  



To watch the video with captions, go to our LinkedIn page here

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