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NAB Show 2023 Press Release 


April 12, 2023, Bergen, Norway - Dina, the leading newsroom and rundown system, is taking another leap forward with its brand new Spaces concept. Dina Spaces is a comprehensive planning solution built into the NRCS itself, designed to eliminate the need for third-party software and enable the entire newsroom to perform day-to-day planning and plan future events and complex TV productions. The first iteration of Dina Spaces will be revealed at NAB 2023.

"The Dina Spaces concept represents a significant leap forward in the world of newsroom technology", says Andreas Teigland Whiteley, CTO of Dina, the software company that invented Dina. 

He adds: "Currently, planning is a complicated process that involves multiple third-party software solutions, each with their workflows and processes. Spaces will simplify this process, providing a single platform for all planning needs."

The concept of Spaces gives enormous freedom for the newsroom to plan individual stories, instances, and rundowns around a particular topic. Dina Spaces will address the need for easy oversight of daily tasks and stories of the day, but also long-term content clusters that the newsroom will follow for months or even years. 

Dina is already a stand-out product in the broadcasting industry. It's the only true cloud-native rundown system running in a browser on the market. From Dina, broadcasters can publish to any platform - linear TV, web, and social media.

Dina's new Spaces concept will take the system to the next level, providing a comprehensive planning solution that will simplify workflows and help broadcasters stay ahead of the competition. 

Visit 7Mountains at NAB 2023 to see the Spaces concept in action. North Hall, stand #N1809


About Dina
Dina is a software company founded in 2018. The company is part of Fonn Group, headquartered in Media City Bergen. Dina is the leading newsroom and rundown system for broadcasters, offering a true cloud-native system that simplifies workflows and streamlines processes. With a story-centric approach, Dina enables broadcasters to organize their workflow around a story rather than where it gets published. It is available as a mobile app with Dina Mobile. 


Media Contacts

Haavard Myklebust

CEO of Fonn Group / Mobile: +47 91845602


Bård Espen Hansen

VP of Marketing, 7Mountains / Mobile: +4741423303 


Press images: download high-res UI image of Dina Spaces from here