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  • August 31, 2022
  • 3 mins read

Move your old NRCS to native cloud with the new Dina Rundown

Dina Rundown interface

Press release: Take a step towards the cloud with Dina Rundown, launching at this year's IBC

IBC 2022 press release, Aug 31st, 2022, Bergen, Norway: 

Dina announces the launch of Dina Rundown, a stand-alone rundown tool for linear production. The native cloud tool is a perfect match for broadcasters ready to move to modern web-based workflows, Software-as-a-Service, and the cloud.

With Dina Rundown, producers, directors and journalists can build standard linear rundowns for their news, sports, or entertainment shows in an easy-to-use web application. Dina Rundown is a native cloud application with all the benefits of a Software-as-a-Service tool with its browser-based user interface, tailored for work-from-anywhere.

Dina Rundown is ideal for anyone wanting to transition from the old newsroom tools (NRCS) that rely heavily on internal maintenance and support to a lightweight cloud tool. It serves as a 1-1 replacement for any newsroom rundown application. Broadcasters who want to move to the cloud without significant organisational changes, changes in infrastructure or workflows chose Dina Rundown. Dina Rundown customers can easily upgrade their setup to include all the benefits of a full-fledged story-centric newsroom with Dina, which includes master story creation, story planning and publishing across all platforms from within one common user interface.   

 “Many broadcasters still use newsroom systems (NRCS) built 20-25 years ago on on-premises technologies. These are old applications with a lot of technical debt. Attempting to reduce costs often only means moving the infrastructure for the NRCS to an off-premise location. We have built Dina Rundown to help broadcasters transition to the cloud and instantly benefit from a solution built for access from anywhere in a web browser that scales and requires no internal maintenance, " Chief Innovation Officer of Dina, Mads Grønbæk. 

Dina Rundown is MOS-compatible and integrates with any MOS-compatible systems, such as Vizrt and Ross graphics and studio automation solutions, Mimir, and GV AMPP for video. 

At the IBC show, Dina will co-exhibit with its sister company Mimir, demonstrating its tight integration with video collaboration and production tool, Mimir. Visit the companies in hall 7, stand A.745. 

To book a demonstration of Dina at the IBC show:

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About Dina

Dina is a software company founded in 2018 and is part of the technology group Fonn Group. The Dina team are the inventors of Dina, a story-centric newsroom tool that runs in the cloud.  Dina launched for the worldwide market in early 2020 and has received several industry awards. Dina's customers are, amongst others, TVNZ, TV2 FYN, TV SYD, ausbiz, GB News, and Canal9 | Kanal9. Learn more about Dina here.

About Fonn Group

Fonn Group is a technology group headquartered in Media City, Bergen, Norway, with an office in New York City. The group invests in companies delivering production and journalistic tools for the media and entertainment industry. In the Fonn Group portfolio, you find software companies Mimir and Dina, cloud workflows and integration partner Kunnusta,  and Nordics professional equipment reseller and systems integrator, Mediability. Learn more about Fonn Group here


Press contacts

Haavard Saunes Myklebust
CEO in Fonn Group
Contact Haavard

Ingrid Agasøster
Marketing Manager for Fonn Group with affiliates 

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Want to learn about story-centric newsroom workflows?

FREE Ebook by Mads Grønbæk, Chief Innovation Officer in Dina and Emily Dawson, Managing Director in Stem Media: “The principles of story-centric workflows”. Download your copy: 

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