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Are you looking to learn more about cloud newsroom and story-centric workflows?

The Ebook, "The principles of story-centric workflows", is now available for FREE download. The Ebook provides essential knowledge for transitioning to cloud newsroom and greenfield cloud newsroom projects where collaboration is crucial across the newsroom, web desk, and social media desk. 

  • What is story-centric
  • From on-premise to cloud-native
  • The mobile journalist

What are story-centric workflows? 

Story-centric is an extension of the efficiencies we have already seen to allow journalists to work across multiple shows and platforms.

The story-centric newsroom is organised around the story rather than the delivery platform. This model views a story as a living and evolving organism where all the story edits, creative assets, media and research are organised. Download the Ebook to learn more.

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Book authors are Dina Chief Innovation Officer Mads Grønbæk and Stem Media co-founder and Managing Director Emily Dawson. 




FREE Ebook download