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  • February 4, 2021
  • 3 mins read

Dina and Mimir at the heart of the newsroom at GB News

Today, GB News announced the launch of Britain’s most advanced newsroom, with Mediability as the selected system integrator and with Dina and Mimir at the heart of the newsroom.

From GB News press release:

Mediability will deliver one of the most modern newsroom systems in the world with DiNA, a tool that allows journalists to broadcast on several platforms at once while automating aspects of story production that normally require whole teams.

GB News Chief Operating Officer Marc Schipper said Dina, a first for Britain, was a “game changer” for the future of broadcast news production. 

See the full press release here (LinkedIn page). See a copy of the press release text below. 

See the announcement from Mediability here, which will deliver the design, setup and training for GB News.






GB News will launch Britain’s most nimble and sophisticated multi-platform broadcast  newsroom after signing a deal with systems integrator Mediability.  

Mediability delivers the world’s latest newsroom system with DiNA, a tool that allows  journalists to broadcast on several platforms at once, while automating aspects of story  production that normally require whole teams. 

GB News Chief Operating Officer Marc Schipper said DiNA, a first for Britain, was a “game  changer” for the future of broadcast and digital news production.  

“As a start-up, we need to innovate and do more with less, to punch above our weight  against far larger and better-resourced news operations,” he said. “We have to be smart. 

“GB News will be the only entirely cloud-based newsroom in the country. It means we’ll be  lean but also that our journalists can deliver more features for viewers, more immediately  and efficiently than ever.”  

DiNA will be used with an AI-powered media management system called Mimir, a unique  newsroom workflow that is already live at media operations in the United States, Denmark,  Australia and New Zealand. 

Knut Andersen, Chief Commercial Officer for the Fonn Group, owner of Mediability, said the  system allows journalists to collaborate on stories from any location, with seamless access to  the live central studio hub. 

“As well as broadcasting live to air, they can prepare material across other online platforms  including Twitter or Facebook and use immediate tools such as graphics, almost real-time  translations, captions and AI-recognition of stored broadcast clips,” Mr Andersen said.  

“Other broadcasters have a couple of these features, but generally they are patched on to old  systems and are not truly story-centric,” he said. “They also need more production staff.  

“We believe that with DiNA and its integrated workflow with Mimir, GB News will set a new  course for television and digital news production globally.” 

In addition to the design and implementation of DiNA, Mediability will train GB News staff.  Ends 

Released by: GB News Limited 



We are happy to show you DiNA and its integrated workflow with Mimir from company Mjoll and with an integrated workflow for graphics and automation from Vizrt; the workflow that will be in use at GB News.

Contact us today to schedule a demonstration:

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