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blinx was announced this week as the first digital native storytelling hub in the Middle East and North Africa

Today, Fonn Group announced a new greenfield project in the Middle East, blinx, with Dina and Mimir at the centre of the storytelling and production workflows. See the press release from Fonn Group here

Nakhle Elhage, blinx GM, says: 

"By being innovative and breaking the mold of traditional infotainment, blinx will harness the collective power of resources, tech, and expertise so that storytelling feels fresh, exciting, and relevant to today's Youth". See the press release on their website here.

The story-centric newsroom tool, Dina, integrated with video collaboration production tool, Mimir, is at the heart of blinx's news- and editorial workflows. 

Fadi Radi, blinx CCO, says:

"blinx will incorporate the most advanced technology of the future to create the best possible experience where Dina and Mimir are at the centre of our storytelling workflows".

With permission from blinx, we are honoured to share the first glimpses into their fantastic-looking facility in Dubai:

blinx studio in Dubai

The blinx studio in Dubai

We look forward to sharing details about their workflows and the use of Dina for their storytelling across all their publishing platforms. 

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