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  • April 22, 2022
  • 2 mins read

Introducing the story-centric newsroom with Dina. NAB Show 2022

Dina debut at the NAB Show 2022

Dina makes its debut at the NAB Show 2022

Press release, Bergen, Norway, April 22, 2022. 

7Mountains, a company that is part of Fonn Group, will demonstrate cloud newsroom tool Dina at this year’s NAB Show. Visit the company in North Hall, stand N2038

Dina changes how journalists work with a new approach to breaking a story, collaboration, and story-centric workflows. The story-centric newsroom is organised around the story rather than the delivery platform, allowing journalists to work across multiple shows and publishing destinations.

“Dina was released in the market in 2019 and has since been adopted in newsrooms worldwide, such as TVNZ, ausbiz, TV 2 Fyn, and GB News. With Dina, we offer a cloud-native newsroom tool built for multi-platform with its story-centric approach and collaboration features,” says Mads Grønbæk, CTO and co-founder of 7Mountains. 


At the NAB Show, the 7Mountains team will preview the new Dina Mobile app and demonstrate Dina's integration to commonly used social media platforms, web CMS systems, ScheduleAll scheduling system, and Vizrt graphics and automation systems, amongst others. 

“With Dina, we offer a tool that is a complete newsroom tool with integrations to a wide range of systems through its open APIs. Dina runs in the cloud, and users can access the tool from their favourite web browser, from anywhere”, Grønbæk adds. 


Dina is cloud-native and built from the ground up on modern, web-based technologies. New features are released continuously, with no downtime for upgrades or system maintenance. Dina connects to on-premise devices via the MOS gateway. 

See Dina in North Hall, stand #N2038, where they co-exhibit with Mjoll. 


NAB Special

FREE Ebook by Mads Grønbæk, 7Mountains and Emily Dawson, Stem Media: “The principles of story-centric workflows”. Download your copy:  

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About 7Mountains

Software company 7Mountains is also part of the technology group Fonn Group. They launched their story-centric newsroom tool Dina in 2019. Dina changes how journalists work with a new approach to breaking a story, collaboration, and story-centric workflows. Dina is built on modern, web-based technologies and runs in the cloud. Customers of Dina are, amongst others, British GB News, Swizz Canal9 | Kanal9, Danish TV2 Fyn, New Zealand TVNZ, and Australian OTT channel ausbiz. 7Mountains Learn more about Dina on the 7Mountains website here


About Fonn Group

Fonn Group is a technology group headquartered in Media City Bergen, Norway and with an operation in New York. Amongst the group companies are Mjoll and 7Mountains, offering innovative cloud-based tools for journalists and editors that are changing newsroom and editing suites worldwide. Learn more about the group at 


Press contacts

Håvard Saunes Myklebust
CEO in Fonn Group
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Ingrid Agasøster
COO in Fonn Group 
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