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  • May 16, 2022
  • 4 mins read

7Mountains’ story-centric newsroom tool Dina now integrates with Grass Valley AMPP as part of GV Media Universe vision

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7Mountains’ story-centric newsroom tool Dina now integrates with Grass Valley AMPP as part of GV Media Universe vision

Press release, Bergen, Norway, May 16 2022 

7Mountains announces the addition of its story-centric newsroom tool, Dina, to the Grass Valley Media Universe. Opening new applications, a journalist working in Dina can now access their media assets in Grass Valley’s GV AMPP operating system for cloud-based live production directly from the Dina web browser interface. The integrated and easy-to-use interface runs on cloud-native platforms. Dina’s on-premise MOS gateway will allow for MOS-based workflows with AMPP.

“The Dina and GV AMPP solution is a perfect match for anyone who needs intelligent, cloud-native production solutions. At the same time, they equip their journalists and storytellers with an integrated user experience for all their needs, available from anywhere with an Internet connection”, says Mads Grønbæk, CTO of 7Mountains. “Through this partnership, we are combining the reach of AMPP and the expertise of the Grass Valley team with our proven newsroom product that enables users to get breaking news to air, quickly and efficiently.” 


“Due to the demands of 24-hour news studios, news production teams need technologies with user-friendly interfaces, quickly manage getting news to air and help simplify and streamline processes,” said Drew Martin, Technical Product Manager, Grass Valley. “Members of the GV Media Universe Alliance work together to provide new cloud-enabled solutions that run on Grass Valley’s open AMPP operating system. The integration with Dina will be the launch of the first newsroom system that runs on AMPP and strongly positions our news customers to transition to the future of media by providing access to the newsroom from anywhere with a browser.”


About Dina

Dina changes how journalists work with a new approach to breaking a story, story collaboration and to multi-platform publishing. Dina is built on modern, web-based technologies and runs in the cloud. Customers of Dina are, amongst others, British GB News, Swizz Canal9 | Kanal9, Danish TV2 Fyn, and Australian OTT channel ausbiz. Learn more about Dina on the 7Mountains website here



Grass Valley is making it simpler and more cost effective to create and distribute media with a new business and operations environment that bring together 

  • GV’s existing product portfolio 
  • New SaaS applications
  • Integrated solutions from third party alliance members 
  • A marketplace of apps, services 

All running in a state-of-the-art cloud environment, the Agile Media Processing Platform (AMPP), can scale quickly and securely to match the production and distribution requirements of live streaming media and entertainment in a public or private on-prem cloud. Solutions running on AMPP are frame accurate, responsive, and compatible with connected control surfaces and applications.


About Grass Valley

We love live! Grass Valley is the leading technology provider for the live media and entertainment market. We work with 90% of the world’s major media brands, powering their media centers, mobile production units, 24-hour newsrooms, and sports streaming platforms. As the number one trusted partner in media technology, we enable content owners and service providers to create and deliver compelling live experiences in the most efficient way. 

Whether it’s IP-native cameras or state-of-the-art cloud production platforms, we’re at the forefront of groundbreaking live media innovation. We continue to pioneer market-leading advances based on cloud and software efficiency to transform live content for the streaming era today and in the future.

Headquartered in Montreal, Grass Valley has been engaged in the media technology business for over 60 years.

Copyright © 2022 Grass Valley Canada. All rights reserved. Specifications subject to change without notice.

Grass Valley Media Relations:
Elpi Klapa, VP Marketing, +1 (514) 236.2726 


About 7Mountains 

7Mountains is a software company, founded in 2018 by a team of broadcast engineers and software developers in Norway. The company is part of Fonn Group and is headquartered in Media City Bergen. 

7Mountains is the inventors of DiNA, a story-centric newsroom tool that runs in the cloud. Learn more at

7Mountains Media Relations:
Ingrid Agasøster, COO, Fonn Group, +47 99533791 


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