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The future of broadcasting

Dina rundown and newsroom system

Dina is the next-generation newsroom system, taking full advantage of modern web technologies to improve editorial workflows. Dina is drawing attention from broadcasters all over the world because of its innovative features, making life easier on both the editorial and technological side of the newsroom.

Key features:

Runs in your browser | Publish to any  platform | Preview videos in the rundown | Edit graphics in the rundown | True story-centric capability | 100 % cloud infrastructure
September 18, 2023

Dina wins Best of Show at IBC2023

Dina takes home the 'Best of Show at IBC2023' award. Dina was distinguished with the 'Best of Show at IBC2023' by...
September 12, 2023

New order management and integrations in Dina for IBC2023

September 12, 2023, Bergen, Norway: Dina, the world's only digital-first story-centric newsroom system, unveils new...
September 6, 2023

Dina and Mimir Announce Video Integration with LiveU at IBC Show 2023

Dina and Mimir Announce Groundbreaking Video Integration with LiveU at IBC Show 2023 BERGEN, 06 September 2023 - Dina...

Move your old NRCS to cloud-native with Dina Rundown

We have launched the perfect match for broadcasters ready to move to modern web-based workflows, Software-as-a-Service, and the cloud. Dina Rundown is built on the proven technologies of Dina, a full-fledged story-centric newsroom tool.  Key benefits of Dina Rundown includes, amongst other: 
  • Modern, cloud-native serverless architecture
  • Solutions-as-a-Service with continuous deployment
  • Work from anywhere in the world from your favourite browser
  • Get story assignments pushed to the Dina Mobile app
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Story-centric workflows with Dina

Dina is a story-centric newsroom tool that runs in the cloud. It is built based on modern web-based technology and with a story-centric approach. 

Story-centric means equipping your journalist with one tool for all platforms, including planning, creating and publishing stories to a CMS, a rundown, and social media channels.  

With Dina, you combine your digital and linear news staff into one unified workflow with one tool for all.

Are you interested in learning more about cloud newsrooms and story-centric workflows? The Ebook "The principles of story-centric workflows" is available for FREE download

Dina key features

New Dina Mobile app for creating, planning, and publishing stories from anywhere. Download from App Store here and Play Store here
Access from anywhere from your favourite web browser
Plan and pitch your stories internally
Collaborate, collect and share story resources
Publish your stories to multiple platforms
Modern, cloud-native and serverless architecture
Solutions-as-a-Service with continuous deployment
Integrate with graphics solutions, studio automation systems, video production tools and more

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