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  • June 2, 2023
  • 1 min read

See us at the Post NAB Show in Zürich

Image from the post-NAB event with qbics media

We are in Zürich for the Post NAB Show

The Mimir and Dina team are present with Kristian Kim Eikeland and Bård Espen Hansen on the event June 7th at SRF - Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen Studio.

Dina Mobile fills the gap for journalists and storytellers on the move. Dina Mobile allows journalists to create and publish stories in the field, with a live link into the newsroom to track schedules and control when a story goes live. Dina Mobile includes features such as: 

  • Upload media content to news stories.
  • Create stories, edit, take photos and videos and publish from anywhere.
  • Engage and communicate with the newsroom with a range of new chat features. 
  • Get push notifications for story assignments. 
  • Monitor news rundowns to see what is on air, a countdown and more. 

Go to our website here to learn more about Dina and Dina Mobile.


Qbics Media will exhibit at the show. The company was recently acquired by Fonn Group. As part of the acquisition, Qbics Media GMBH will be rebranded as FONN Group Dach GMBH, solidifying FONN Group's commitment to serving customers in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. 

Read more about Fonn Group and Qbics Media.

The acquisition of Qbics Media marks another milestone in Fonn Group's journey to becoming a global leader in media and entertainment solutions. With a robust portfolio of software companies, including Mimir, Dina, and everviz, alongside cloud workflows expert Kunnusta and professional equipment reseller and systems integrator Mediability, Fonn Group is poised to revolutionise the industry with its innovative and forward-thinking approach.


Go to the Post NAB Show website and for signup and more information.

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