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The principles of story-centric workflows 

Introduction to story-centric workflows and a vision for how the future newsroom looks. 


This guide to story-centric workflows includes:

Essential knowledge for transitioning to cloud newsroom and greenfield cloud newsroom projects where collaboration across the newsroom, web desk, and social media desk is crucial. 

  • What is story-centric
  • From on-premise to cloud-native
  • The mobile journalist

Mads Grønbæk

Ebook author & Chief Technology Officer in Dina.

Media and broadcast technology guru, former Technical Director and Project Manager at TV 2 Norway, and co-inventor of story-centric tool Dina.   


Emily Dawson

Ebook co-author & Managing Director of Stem Media.

Former Sky News Business Channel Australia producer, reporter and producer for ABC, television technology expert and writer. 


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