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Transition to the cloud the easy way

Move your old NRCS to cloud-native with Dina Rundown

Winner in the Best of Show awards at IBC 2022

We have launched the perfect match for broadcasters ready to move to modern web-based workflows, Software-as-a-Service, and the cloud. Dina Rundown is built on the proven technologies of Dina, a full-fledged story-centric newsroom tool.  


Why move to a cloud NRCS?

"Many broadcasters still use newsroom systems (NRCS) built 20-25 years ago on on-premises technologies. These are old applications with a lot of technical debt. Attempting to reduce costs often only means moving the infrastructure for the NRCS to an off-premise location. We have built Dina Rundown to help broadcasters transition to the cloud and instantly benefit from a solution built for access from anywhere in a web browser that scales and requires no internal maintenance"

Mads Grønbæk

Ebook author & Chief Technology Officer in 7Mountains.

Media and broadcast technology guru, former Technical Director and Project Manager at TV 2 Norway, and co-inventor of Dina and Dina Rundown. 

End of life for old newsroom system

The NRCS is a central part of the entire capacity of a newsroom, where changes in tools and systems affect large parts of a broadcast operation.

The announcement of the end-of-life of old newsroom systems has put many broadcasters in limbo. Migrating from one NRCS to another solution that locks one deeper into single vendors or platforms is not the right way forward. Modernising, both on the infrastructural side and for the tools used in the everyday operations of a newsroom is becoming increasingly important. 

Contact us to discuss how Dina Rundown can help you. 

Dina Rundown 

Dina Rundown is a stand-alone rundown tool for linear production that launches for the IBC2022 show. 

Dina Rundown is built on the proven technologies of the full-fledged story-centric newsroom tool Dina, a tool for planning, creating, collaborating, and publishing news to multiple channels and for breaking down the silos between the newsroom, the web desk and the social media desk. TVNZ uses Dina, TV 2 FYN, Canal 9 | Kanal 9, amongst others. Read about Dina here

The cloud-native tool, Dina Rundown, is a perfect match for broadcasters ready to move to modern web-based workflows, Software-as-a-Service, and the cloud, for managing their linear productions, as step 1. With transitioning to the cloud with Dina Rundown, the path toward multi-platform news production in the cloud becomes easy. 

Key benefits of Dina Rundown

Modern, cloud-native serverless architecture.

Get story assignments pushed to the Dina Mobile app.

Solutions-as-a-Service with continuous deployment.
Integrated with all MOS compliant systems.
Work from anywhere in the world from your favourite browser. 

Integrated with studio automation systems through an on-premise MOS gateway

Who should use Dina Rundown?

Dina Rundown is ideal for anyone wanting to transition from the old newsroom tools (NRCS) that rely heavily on internal maintenance and support to a lightweight cloud tool. It serves as a 1-1 replacement for any newsroom rundown application. 

Broadcasters who want to move to the cloud without significant organisational changes, changes in infrastructure or workflows chose Dina Rundown. Dina Rundown customers can easily upgrade their setup to include all the benefits of a full-fledged story-centric newsroom with Dina, such as master story creation, story planning and publishing across all platforms from within one familiar user interface.  To learn more about Dina, go to our website here



Story-centric newsroom as the next step

By migrating to the cloud for the linear production with Dina Rundown, the next steps toward a full-fledged story-centric operation for multi-platform publishing and collaboration across departments become easy. 

What does story-centric mean?
The story-centric newsroom is organised around the story rather than the delivery platform, allowing a  journalist to effectively and quickly deliver content to linear shows, OTT, Social media channels, and CMS.

Learn more about the story-centric newsroom with Dina in our FREE Ebook.

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